Creating a Pipeline in the Web UI

1 minute read

To create a basic Pipeline in the Jenkins web UI, follow these steps:

  1. Click New Item on Jenkins home page.

  2. Enter a name for your Pipeline, select Pipeline and click OK.

    CloudBees Jenkins Team uses the name of the Pipeline to create directories on disk. Pipeline names which include spaces may uncover bugs in scripts which do not expect paths to contain spaces.

  3. In the Script text area, enter a Pipeline and click Save.

  4. Click Build Now to run the Pipeline.

  5. Click #1 under "Build History" and then click Console Output to see the full output from the Pipeline.

The example above shows a successful run of a basic Pipeline created in the Jenkins web UI, using two steps.

// Script //
node { (1)
    echo 'Hello World' (2)
// Declarative not yet implemented //
1node allocates an executor and workspace in the Jenkins environment.
2echo writes simple string in the Console Output.