Onboarding for CloudBees Software Delivery Automation Analytics

CloudBees Software Delivery Automation capabilities connect, automate, and orchestrate the tools and functions across development, operations, and shared services teams to deliver software from idea to production environment quickly and safely.


First, get to know the recommended architectures for CloudBees Software Delivery Automation. Having this knowledge is important to help you properly set up, customize, and use the CloudBees Analytics capability of CloudBees Software Delivery Automation.



Use these resources to develop your installation and setup plan.

CloudBees CI resources

CloudBees CD resources

CloudBees Analytics resources

Set up

After installation is complete, you’re ready to set up your analytics server.



The Workload Insights dashboard displays key metrics to gain insight into your organization’s build throughput and CI system resources.

The CI Plugins usage dashboard provides visibility for all plugins installed across CloudBees CI.