KBEA-00135 - Agents go offline after build completes

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After a build completes, all of the agents used in the build go red on the Cluster Manager.


When a Windriver (Diab or GNU) compiler requests a license from the FlexLM server, it spawns a licproxy task to handle subsquent license requests locally (bypassing remote contact with the FlexLM server).

There is a known issue with certain versions of the GNU compiler from Windriver, caused by the spawned licproxy process being set with a timeout value before terminating itself.

The ElectricAccelerator Agent waits for the current job’s full process tree to complete before returning that job to the emake client. It can’t distinguish between forked sub-process like 'licproxy' as an on-demand license caching daemon that’s safe to detach and a forked sub-process (say, 'cc1') that is integral to the Makefile rule; so Accelerator waits for it to timeout. An agent can’t be released until the timeout completes and the licproxy process terminates.

You can set, or avoid, the licproxy timeout by using the following command line arguments to the compilers:

For Diab




If you are using Accelerator v6.2 or later, the agent now proactively terminates daemon processes that linger before trying to unmount the EFS and releasing the agent.

Applies to

  • Product versions: All

  • OS versions: All