Project lists

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This page displays all projects available on this CloudBees CD/RO server—these are the CloudBees CD/RO-supplied default projects and the projects that you create. From this page, you can navigate to a project to view its procedures, steps, schedules, credentials, workflows, and other components.

A project is a top-level container within CloudBees CD/RO. Most information about software production processes, such as procedures, schedules, jobs, and workflows, are contained within a project.

Searching for Projects

You can search for projects and save the search filters for later use. Refer to Context Searching and Filtering for details.

Displaying Projects Marked with a Specific Tag

The All Projects drop-down menu (at the top of the table) displays all tags that you defined to mark, label, or group related or similar projects. When you select a tag, the project list changes to display only the projects with that tag.

Viewing Project Details

To view project details, select the project name in the Project column to go to the Project Details page.

Editing, Copying, or Deleting a Project

To Edit, Copy, or Delete an existing project, select a corresponding link in the Actions column.

If you delete a project, the background deleter marks the project for deletion, but the deletion process might not start until the server completes other tasks already queued or in progress. Deleting a large project (one containing hundreds of jobs, steps, or other objects) could take considerable time.

Adding a Tag to a Project

To add a tag to a project:

  1. Select the Edit link for the project.

    The Edit Project page displays.

  2. Enter a tag name in the Tags field, and then select OK.

    The tag name now displays in the dropdown menu on the Projects page.

Creating a Project

To create a project, select Create Project.

You can also create, copy, edit, or delete a project via the Projects option from the launch pad in the UI.

For details, refer to Creating a project.