KBEC-00031 - Using the ElectricCommander Custom Reporting Toolkit

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IMPORTANT: Use this information only if you are running a Commander 3.0.x release. New reporting functionality, including how you create custom reports, was added to the ElectricCommander v3.1 release. The Reports online help topic was updated to include information on creating custom reports - see the "Advanced Reporting Information" section.

Also note: The ElectricCommander Custom Reports Technical Note described below is specifically for Commander v3.0. The tech note was not updated for Commander v3.1 because the new information is in the online help file within the Commander product.


The ElectricCommander Customer Reporting Toolkit contains the following tools:

  1. A tool to simplify data extraction from the ElectricCommander server so this data can be easily consumed by report writing tools

  2. A set of example reports you can dissect or re-purposed to simplify the report writing process, using BIRT report designer

  3. A set of documents you can use as a reference while building, automating, and sharing reports. Also, the core of this documentation is available as an ElectricCommander Custom Reports Technical Note


Review the ElectricCommander Custom Reports Technical Note. This document describes, in detail, a best practice approach to extracting data and automating custom report generation, using the power of ElectricCommander.