CloudBees CD/RO utility and tools

2 minute readAutomation

CloudBees CD/RO includes several command-line tools to aid in admin and system management tasks.

Tool Name Description

A simple Linux command-line tool for maintaining the /etc/rc[0-6].d directory hierarchy. This tool relieves system administrators from the task of directly manipulating numerous symbolic links in those directories. You can use the chkconfig command to manipulate CloudBees CD/RO services running on UNIX platforms.

A command-line tool that displays information on the running CloudBees CD/RO server cluster from ZooKeeper.

A command-line tool used to manage the CloudBees CD/RO Certificate Authority (CA) and the certificates configured in CloudBees CD/RO server and CloudBees CD/RO agent installations.

A command-line tool that can change configuration values for any locally installed CloudBees CD/RO server, web, agent, or repository service. ecconfigure is a more user-friendly mechanism for configuring aspects of CloudBees CD/RO that would otherwise require manual configuration file updates. ecconfigure actually manipulates relevant service configuration files on your behalf.

A wrapper program that can be used to start another program from a CloudBees CD/RO job step. The started program runs as a daemon process. The CloudBees CD/RO agent uses the facilities of the underlying operating system to make sure the process runs in a separate process group on a UNIX-based system, or outside the normal "Windows Job" grouping in a Windows system. In either case, the CloudBees CD/RO agent does not treat the process as one it should wait for or one it should try to "kill" if CloudBees CD/RO needs to abort the step.

A driver script with built-in support for SSH. Every major operation can be overridden by defining a Perl function in the Proxy Customization field on the New Proxy Resource panel, available from the Resources page.

When CloudBees CD/RO agents (on platforms other than Linux or Windows) run steps that create log files in a workspace the CloudBees CD/RO web server cannot access (through Linux or Windows agents), use ecremotefilecopy to recreate job logs so they are visible on those CloudBees CD/RO agents, which then enables the web server to retrieve and render those log files.

ec-specs is a specification and acceptance testing framework based on Spock and Use the CloudBees CD/RO domain-specific language (DSL). Using ec-specs, you can write tests for CloudBees CD/RO releases, pipelines, DSL scripts, etc.

A command-line tool that imports your CloudBees CD/RO database configuration information into your ZooKeeper server.