Installing CloudBees CD on Kubernetes

This section describes installing CloudBees CD on Kubernetes. These instructions assume you are familiar with Kubernetes concepts and the tooling required for establishing a Kubernetes cluster.

CloudBees CD on Kubernetes topology

The following diagram depicts a clustered topology for a production CloudBees CD ecosystem running within one namespace in a Kubernetes cluster.

k8s topology

This diagram shows three pods, whose deployment is controlled by three corresponding Helm charts:

  • cloudbees-flow: This chart installs the CloudBees CD server, the CloudBees CD web server, the repository server, the DevOps Insight server and a bound agent. The bound agent serves as a local agent for the CloudBees CD server, the web server and the repository server.

  • cloudbees-flow-agent: Provides configuration for one or more agents to execute commands, monitor status, and collect results, in parallel across the pods. Each agent can be configured independently to provide specific resources for the task at hand.