Why is Active Directory failing to login after updating to 14.11?

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  • After upgrading to 1.580.2.1 the ActiveDirectory login is failing by saying ' Failed to retrieve user information for'

  • The AD plugin no longer connects with the same settings it had before. The error logged is:

WARNING: Failed to retrieve user information for
javax.naming.NamingException: LDAP response read timed out, timeout used:-1ms.;


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise < 1.580.2.1

  • Active Directory Plugin < 1.36


Solution 1

To resolve this in 14.11 as it’s bundled with Active Directory Plugin 1.38 you must add


to the <securityRealm> block in the config.xml

Solution 2

Install Active Directory Plugin 1.39 which allows you to set Group Membership Lookup Strategy option to Recursive Group queries.