How to use a custom Hosted Zone

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  • How we can use our own custom Hosted Zone in route53?



The private route53 hosted zone matches by default the domain name defined for the cluster, but that could be changed to be user-provided in order to cover a larger domain, CJE cluster-init operation create a hosted zone depending of cluster type:

  • When creating an internal-only cluster, no route53 hosted zone is created nor needed (since all the traffic is already internal to the VPC)

  • When creating a regular cluster, route53 records are required to provide the loopback between services and still allow to restrict user access to the cluster.

In order to use an existing private hosted zone, you have to set the property route53_private_zone_name in the cluster-init.config file before to applying the cluster-init operation.



## Route53 Private Hosted Zone
# A private hosted zone is used to allow loopbacks through the cluster without going through public network interfaces.
# By default, the cluster will create a private hosted zone matching the given domain name, however if there is
# already a private hosted zone for the cluster vpc, its name should be provided below.
# Example with domain_name =
# By default private hosted zone created by CJE would be using the name ''.
# If there is already a private hosted zone for '' in the cluster VPC
# then '' should be provided below.
# route53_private_zone_name = private_zone_name