Marathon stops responding

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  • We are unable to access Marathon endpoint ( and getting below error while trying to login.

Problem accessing /. Reason:
Could not determine the current leader
  • cje run list-applications is failing



Connect to each of the controllers and restart the marathon service for each of them. From the bastion host, in the CJE project folder:

1.- dna servers to get the id of your controllers (3 in the following example)

$> dna servers

2.- For every controller, restart the marathon service. Ensure that the service is up and running before moving to the next one.

$>  dna connect controller-x
controller-x $> sudo service marathon stop
controller-x $> sudo service marathon start
controller-x $> exit

3.- If the previous step did not fix the issue, restart every controller (cje prepare controller-restart) one by one, check that the controller is up and running with dna connect controller-x.

If the problem persists, please open a support ticket including a CJE Bundle, including all the controllers in the server tag.

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