Workers do not complete a restart operation

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Running the cje worker-restart, worker-add, controller-restart and controller-add commands will fail with the following error when trying to provision those nodes.

Example Error:

The following error can occur during operation the repository will return an Http 404 response

[worker-1] Fetched 25.7 MB in 5s (4,443 kB/s)
[worker-1] W: Failed to fetch HttpError404



This issue was caused by the removal of operating system package repositories hosted by Docker. These changes were meant to take place on March 31st 2020, but apparently they have been already implemented. You can get additional details on these changes here.

The init script for workers and controllers currently relies on being able to update some installer repositories from Docker. Docker has shut down those repositories and this is why the initialization fails.

If you are running versions prior to 1.11.15 an upgrade is required, If you are running versions 1.11.15 - 1.11.26, you should download the following patch: cje 1.11.26 patch.

Versions 1.11.27 and later have resolved this issue.

In order to apply the patch, you should follow the instructions below:

In your bastion host, go to the path where you downloaded and decompressed the binaries.

cd pse_1.11.26
patch -p1 < ${downloadPath}/1.11.26.patch

If you are running a different version of the product, please contact support.


If you need to manually add a worker and the process fails:

cje prepare worker-add
cje apply
dna connect worker-#
sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list
cje apply