Configuring ports to connect Client Masters

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Occasionally administrators need to connect existing masters to a CloudBees CI cluster. Existing masters connected to a CloudBees CI cluster are called "Client Masters" to distinguish them from Managed Masters. A master running on Windows is one example that requires a Client Master.

Before you can add a Client Master, you must configure the ports that enable the connection.

The instructions for configuring ports vary depending on whether or not Helm was used to install NGINX Ingress Controller.

Select the appropriate configuration option:

Using the values.yaml file to configure ports for Client Master connection

Use this procedure only if Helm was used to install NGINX Ingress Controller. If Helm was not used to install NGINX Ingress Controller, you should manually configure the ports.

To use the values.yaml file to configure ports:

  1. Confirm operations center is ready to answer internal JNLP requests:

    $ kubectl exec -ti cjoc-0 -- curl localhost:50000
    Jenkins-Agent-Protocols: Diagnostic-Ping, JNLP4-connect, OperationsCenter2, Ping
    Jenkins-Session: 3fa70d75
    Client: 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1
    Server: 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1
    Remoting-Minimum-Version: 3.4
  2. Copy and paste the following to the values.yaml file that was used when creating the NGINX Ingress Controller (replace cloudbees-core with the namespace where CloudBees CI was installed):

      50000: "cloudbees-core/cjoc:50000"
  3. Deploy the configuration:

    helm repo add ingress-nginx
    helm repo update
    helm upgrade ingress-nginx \
                 ingress-nginx/ingress-nginx \
                 --install \
                 --namespace ingress-nginx \
                 --values values.yaml \
                 --version 3.3.0

Testing the connection to Client Masters

After you have configured ports, you can confirm that operations center is ready to receive external JNLP requests.

To test the connection to Client Masters:

  1. Type the following command:

$ curl $DOMAIN_NAME:50000
Jenkins-Agent-Protocols: Diagnostic-Ping, JNLP4-connect, MultiMaster, OperationsCenter2, Ping
Jenkins-Session: b02dc475
Remoting-Minimum-Version: 2.60

After you have confirmed that ports and security are correctly configured in your cloud and on your Client Master, you can add Client Masters.