System requirements for installing CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms on EKS

1 minute read

The following items are required to install CloudBees CI on EKS:

  • An AWS account.

  • A currently supported version of Kubernetes on your local computer or bastion host. See Supported platforms for CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms.

  • An AWS EKS cluster with the following requirements:

    • Runs a currently supported version of Kubernetes.

    • Has nodes that have at least 2 CPUs and 4 GiBs of memory. Be sure that the cluster meets the sizing and scaling requirements in CloudBees CI Reference Architecture - Kubernetes on AWS EKS. NOTE: Having fewer masters on each VM means that losing a VM unexpectedly does not impact service.

    • Has N+1 worker nodes, where N is the number of Managed Masters and +1 is the CloudBees operations center.

    • Has network access to container images, either a public Docker Hub or a private Docker Registry.

When installing CloudBees CI on EKS on AWS Outposts, there are some additional considerations:

  • Your EKS nodes need to be created in the Outpost subnet.

  • You are unable to create an ELB in the same subnet as the Outpost, but it needs to be in the same VPC.

  • You need to pre-create the volumes you intend to use and create the persistent volumes which connect to them.

After you ensure that your environment is ready to install CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms, be sure to set up the prerequisites for using Helm to install CloudBees CI.