Configuring bundle availability

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Prior to setting up a controller, you must configure the Availability pattern for bundles and specify bundles that can be assigned to controllers from the controller configuration screen.

Once you have configured bundle availability and set up a controller, users with the Configure permission can access the controller configuration screen to assign a different bundle to the controller.

To configure the bundle availability:

  1. Ensure you are signed in to the operations center as a user with the Administer permission.

  2. From the operations center dashboard, select Manage Jenkins in the left pane.

  3. Select Configuration as Code Bundles. For each bundle, the following attributes are displayed:

    • Bundle name: The bundle name. It matches the name of the directory containing the bundle in the filesystem.

    • Used by: The names of controllers assigned to the bundle.

    • Availability pattern: The full path to one or more controllers in operations center that can use the bundle.

    • Available for: Controllers that can be assigned to the bundle based on the Availability pattern.

  4. Define the Availability pattern for the controller. You have two options:

    • Option 1: In the Availability pattern field, define the full path to the controllers that can use the bundle and select Save. This must be a regular expression and specifies the bundles you can assign to a controller from the controller configuration screen. The Availability pattern supports the Java implementation of regular expression pattern matching.

      Table 1. Availability pattern examples
      Example scenarioExample Availability pattern

      A controller with the name "casc-controller" created directly in the root of operations center.


      A controller with the name "casc-controller" created inside the "folder1" folder.


      Two controllers with the name "casc-controller-1" and "casc-controller-2", created directly in the root of operations center.


      Any controller.


      Any controller in the "folder1" folder.


      All Team controllers


    • Option 2: Leave the Availability pattern field empty. Under Settings, select the Availability pattern checkbox and select Save. When the Availability pattern field is empty, the bundle can be used by any controller. This option provides more flexibility, but is less secure.

  5. Optionally, select a Default bundle to pre-select a bundle in the controller configuration screen when setting up a new controller.

    Selecting a Default bundle does not assign the bundle to a controller. When setting up a new controller, you must click Save or Apply from the controller configuration screen to assign the pre-selected bundle to the controller.