Using wiki markup languages in descriptions

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The WikiText Security plugin addresses security concerns that arise from permitting arbitrary HTML in description fields in Jenkins.. The plugin allows you to enter descriptions in one of multiple wiki markup languages.

Jenkins lets users enter description fields in HTML as shown in Setting up project-specific descriptions. For some teams that have policy preferences towards writing wiki over HTML, this plugin allows you to use one of several well-known wiki markup formats in place of HTML.

Figure 1. Setting up project-specific descriptions

Supported wiki markup languages

The WikiText plugin supports the following wiki markup languages today:

Configuring the desired wiki language

To select the desired wiki language, navigate to Manage Jenkins > Configure Global Security, and under Markup Formatter select the language from the supported wiki languages.

Using the plugin

Once the plugin is installed and configured, select add description on a particular project and enter the description in the preferred wiki markup language. WikiText usage uses the wiki markup to render the description in bold. Wikitext output shows the corresponding output.

Figure 2. WikiText usage
Figure 3. Wikitext output