Train your CloudBees CI team

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CloudBees CI is usually managed, configured, and used by team members with different roles.

Here is an example of different roles and responsibilities which can be adjusted to your organization:

Project Business Sponsor

Strategic role, involves overseeing how CloudBees CI is useful in impacting the business

Project/Program Manager

Tactical role, oversees use cases

Technical Owner

Administrator for CloudBees CI

Note that in smaller organizations, more than one role can be fulfilled by the same person.

Administrator skills

A CloudBees CI administrator should have both strong skills in CloudBees CI and in Linux or Microsoft Windows.

Strong Kubernetes skills are required for CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms.

The following certifications are available for these skills:


To get you started with CloudBees CI, CloudBees offer a fundamentals course. The course is primarily for administrators of CloudBees CI, but it may also be of interest to DevOps Engineers and Build and Release Engineers.

A login is required to take CloudBees CI - Fundamentals but not the Jenkins - Fundamentals course. Current customers have access to both via their CloudBees login associated with their account.

There is an accompanying lab virtual machine that can be installed on the student’s personal computer, based on Oracle’s VirtualBox and managed by Hashicorp’s Vagrant.

There are two prerequisites: