Pre-installation requirements for AKS

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For details about supported platforms for CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms, such as supported Kubernetes, Helm, and NFS versions, refer to Supported platforms for CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms.

AKS requirements

Before you can install CloudBees CI on AKS using the CloudBees installer, you must have the following items configured correctly. Failure to complete the pre-installation checklist correctly may lead to installation errors and delayed installation.

  • Install and configure a currently supported version of Kubernetes on your local computer or bastion host.

  • Set up an AKS cluster with the following requirements:

    • Runs a currently supported version of Kubernetes.

    • Has nodes that have at least 2 CPUs and 4 GiBs of memory, so nodes have 1 full CPU/1GiB available after running a controller with default settings.

    • Uses an instance type that allows premium disks (for example: Standard_D4s_v3).

    • Has network access to container images, either a public Docker Hub or a private Docker Registry).

  • Create a CloudBees CI namespace in the cluster with permissions to create Role and RoleBinding objects.

  • Define a Kubernetes cluster Default Storage Class.

Creating your AKS cluster

To create a Kubernetes cluster using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), refer to Create an Azure Container Service (AKS) cluster on the Microsoft Azure website.

More information on administering an AKS cluster is available from the full documentation.

More information on Kubernetes concepts is available from the Kubernetes site, including: