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Data collection for the CloudBees Analytics Plugin

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The CloudBees Analytics Plugin collects telemetry and metrics for analysis to help CloudBees make decisions about future product enhancements. The collected data is used to evaluate patterns of usage of our products.

Data collection is enabled by default, but you can disable it at any time.

Data collected with every event

The following data is sent with every event that is captured:

Description Anonymized

Instance ID


Product name


Product version


Organization licensed to use the product

This does not apply to CloudBees Jenkins Distribution.


Specific data

The names of events and the specific data captured with those events vary according to installed plugins. The exact event and property names used by this system are automatically recorded in CloudBees CI.

To view event and property names:

  1. Log on to the controller.

  2. Select Manage Jenkins in the left pane.

  3. Select Configure System.

  4. Scroll down to Usage Statistics.

  5. Select the ? icon for the Help make CloudBees better by sending telemetry and metrics to evaluate patterns of usage checkbox.

  6. Select the see details link in the expanded help text.

Disabling data collection for the CloudBees Analytics Plugin

You can disable data collection from within Jenkins.

To disable data collection:

  1. From Jenkins, go to Manage Jenkins > Configure System.

  2. Under Usage Statistics, deselect Help make CloudBees <product name> better by sending telemetry and metrics to evaluate patterns of usage.

    The <product name> will depend on what product you are using. CloudBees by default will display.

Alternatively, disable the data collection by adding the system property to your launch scripts.