Troubleshooting Pipelines

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The CloudBees Pipeline Explorer plugin provides an improved log-viewing experience to troubleshoot Pipelines. It includes performance improvements over the classic log view, embedded search capabilities, and customizable preferences to personalize your log-viewing experience.

Installing the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer Plugin

This plugin requires CloudBees CI version 2.387.2.3 and later.

  1. To find the plugin, go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Available Plugins and search for the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer.

  2. Install the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer.

  3. After the installation has completed, select CloudBees Pipeline Explorer in the left navigation pane of Pipeline builds to access the new functionality.

The CloudBees Pipeline Explorer only supports Pipeline builds that start after the plugin is installed and enabled.

Managing the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer

The following example shows the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer viewport. This displays the log information, the build information, and the preferences panel.

CloudBees Pipeline Explorer viewport
Figure 1. CloudBees Pipeline Explorer viewport
  1. Page header that displays the build name and build status

  2. Toolbar that displays the following information:

    • The navigation buttons that are used to navigate through the log and search output

    • The label that displays the number of lines

    • The download button that downloads the log

    • The sidebar Sidebar button that shows/hides the sidebar

  3. Console output

  4. Search bar

  5. The build details panel that displays the following information:

    • Duration of the build

    • Build start time

    • SCM information about the build, such as the build commit

    • A Rebuild button that rebuilds the completed builds

    • A Replay button that replays the completed builds

    • An Abort button that aborts the in-progress builds

  6. The customize log view panel that allows the view and behavior options to be personalized, including the following preferences that can:

    • Display line numbers

    • Display timestamps and their format

    • Display ANSI colors

    • Wrap long lines

    • Display the beginning or end of the log by default

Searching the logs

The CloudBees Pipeline Explorer has the ability to search the logs. The search is case insensitive. When you enter a term in the search bar and press Enter, the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer searches the entire log file for the search term and returns all of the matching lines with the search term highlighted in each result. The toolbar displays the total number of search results that were found.

You can also select the following search options:

  • Select the Link link icon to copy a link for a specific line in the log to your clipboard

  • Select the goto goto icon to go to a specific line in the log in a new browser tab

The following example shows the search results with the Display colors and Show line numbers preferences enabled.

Log search example
Figure 2. Log search example

For information about the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer plugin, refer to CloudBees Pipeline Explorer Plugin.