CloudBees SDM support policies

This page provides support policies for CloudBees SDM.

Preview program

CloudBees SDM is initially available to participants in the preview program. Preview members can influence the development and features in CloudBees SDM by providing feedback and working with the CloudBees development team.

CloudBees SDM is a preview. While preview members have early access, a preview is not production-ready. There will be known and unknown issues.

This preview uses the standard CloudBees subscription agreement, especially Section 16, covering evaluations, and Sections 8 and 9, covering non-disclosure.

How to get support

If you have an issue, you can use a support request ( and your scheduled feedback call to give feedback and get support. As part of the preview, you will have direct access to product teams.

If you encounter any problems, you can always contact your appointed CloudBees preview coordinator.

What you should expect next

After you submit a support issue, here’s what should happen next:

  1. You’ll receive an automated email indicating that CloudBees has received your support request.

  2. Depending on the priority level of your issue, you’ll be contacted by a CloudBees employee within the target response time.