Jenkins build events not reflected in DevOptics UI

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The status of my Jenkins job has changed, but I do not see the change in the DevOptics UI.

Possible scenarios:

  • An error dialog box with message:

  • Oh no, something is wrong with this application.

  • There was an error loading this gate.

  • All gates contain 0’s.

  • Some gates contain ticket counts, tickets, or commit data that is known to be wrong or out of date.


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

  • CloudBees Jenkins Team

  • CloudBees Jenkins Platform

  • DevOptics


  1. Verify that the DevOptics Deliver Events Plugin is installed and using the latest version available from CloudBees in the Jenkins Update Center.

    Verify your installation in the "Installed" tab and Look for upgrades in the "Available" in the "Available" tab.

  2. Verify that your Jenkins controller is sending data to DevOptics.

    From the Jenkins homepage, navigate to Manage Jenkins  DevOptics (by CloudBees).

    If this link is not visible, then Events plugin or one of its dependencies is not properly installed.

    You should see:

     The DevOptics plugins are installed.
     This controller is connected to the DevOptics service.

    Other possibilities here are:

     The DevOptics plugins are installed.
     Not Authorized
     This controller is NOT connected to the DevOptics service.

    This message indicates that communication with the DevOptics backend has been established, but authorization has failed. Contact CloudBees support to update the licenses on this Jenkins instance.

     The DevOptics plugins are installed.
     Not Connected
     This controller is NOT connected to the DevOptics service.

    This message indicates that the DevOptics backend cannot be reached. Check firewall settings and verify that this Jenkins instance can reach the internet over port 80 and 443.

  3. Check the application definition JSON for errors, paying particular attention to the "job" fields.

    DevOptics will validate for correct JSON, and validation problems with individual gates will be indicated with the following indication:


    and the sidebar message, "Unknown job. The job may not exist or the data collection plugin may not be installed on the controller."

  4. A delay of up to several minutes between Jenkins job status changes and those changes being reflected in the UI is possible, although not typical. Please bring unusually long or consistently long delays to the attention of CloudBees support.

  5. The fundamental unit of calculation for DevOptics is Jira tickets and git commits associated with those tickets. In order for tickets and their associated commits to be filtered in by DevOptics, it is important that commit messages contain the exact, all-caps ticket name followed by a hyphen, followed by the ticket number, somewhere in the commit message.

    Examples of commit messages used by DevOptics to display application state:

    • "DEVOPTICS-1 add readme"

    • "add readme DEVOPTICS-1"

    • "add readme DEVOPTICS-1 and some other changes"

    Examples of commit messages that will be filtered out by DevOptics:

    • "add readme"

    • "DEVOPTICS-1add readme"

    • "devoptics-1 add readme"