Module UI elements


This page provides labeled screenshots of the CloudBees Engineering Efficiency UI as a reference.

CloudBees Engineering Efficiency home

The CloudBees Engineering Efficiency home screen is the landing page that contains links to CloudBees Engineering Efficiency and CloudBees Feature Management.

Figure 1. UI elements
  1. Primary navigation, the black bar across the top of every screen, has the module selector and the current module name.

  2. Organization and user profile menu.

  3. Breadcrumb. This is a global component that always resides under the main navigation.

  4. Module cards.

The upper right corner has the User profile menu (number 2) next to the name of your organization. This menu is available in the CloudBees Engineering Efficiency home and CloudBees Engineering Efficiency.

Figure 2. User profile menu

CloudBees Engineering Efficiency UI elements

Most screens in CloudBees Engineering Efficiency use the base UI elements and have specific content. The UI for each screen is explained in that screen’s documentation:

Settings area for identity management

The Account management screens have settings for users, organizations, user security, organizations, and then module-specific settings.

Figure 3. Identity management UI elements
  1. The left navigation has the options specific for account management.

  2. The content area shows the main dialog for the selected option in the left navigation.