How data works with integrations


CloudBees Engineering Efficiency can integrate with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, Jira Cloud, Jira Server, and Jenkins at this time using app integrations and plugins. Each plugin and integration collects different data.

CloudBees Engineering Efficiency uses data from these third-party services to provide metrics and actionable insights. Some integrations are required to use the screens; others are optional. The table below details which integrations are required and optional using icons:

  • A required integration uses the check circle icon .

  • An optional integration uses the plus circle icon .

  • No impact from an integration uses the minus circle icon .

Table 1. Required and optional integrations for each screen
ScreenJira Cloud, Jira Server, Jira Data CenterGitHub/GitHub Enterprise/Bitbucket ServerCloudBees CI, JenkinsBitbucket Server

Investment area


CI/CD performance

Cycle time

Open pull requests

Data from apps is stored in the System of Record and usually becomes inactive once a data integration is disconnected.

The Integrating third-party services section contains specifics about how each integration works with the System of Record.

Data integration details

Detailed information on the data types, API calls, permissions, and other data is available for: