Associating GitHub repositories with Manage repositories

You can associate information like pull requests and repositories from GitHub with any product by linking your CloudBees user profile with a GitHub organization. Manage repositories lets you associate repositories with products.

Repository modifications in GitHub, such as creating or deleting a repository, may take several minutes to show up in CloudBees Engineering Efficiency.


To use this screen, you must have:

Adding repositories to a product

To add GitHub repositories to a product:

  1. Select the product name from Products.

  2. On the left pane, select Manage repositories.

  3. Select Link repository or, if this is the first time you are adding repositories, select Link your first repository, to display a list of available repositories.

  4. Choose the repositories to associate with the product. You can filter the repositories list by entering a complete or partial repository name in the text box or by selecting a GitHub organization from the Organization drop-down.

  5. Select Save changes.

Removing a repository from a product

To remove GitHub repositories from a product:

  1. Select the product name from the Products.

  2. On the left pane, select Manage repositories].

  3. Select the repositories you wish to delete by selecting the check box next to the repository name.

  4. Select Unlink selected repositories.

The repository information is no longer associated with the product. The repository data is still available in System of Record.