Setting up integrations

Integrating external services like GitHub, Jira, and Jenkins lets CloudBees Engineering Efficiency access data from these services. This data lets you monitor and manage the delivery of your products and features. Integrating a service like GitHub with CloudBees Engineering Efficiency lets you add GitHub repositories to products so you can display branches, pull requests, commits, and branch status.

You can integrate services by installing apps. CloudBees Engineering Efficiency includes apps for Jira Server, Jira Cloud, GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and Jenkins.

Some on-premise systems can be integrated using an NGINX gateway.

Data usage from integrations

CloudBees Engineering Efficiency can access data from third-party services like GitHub, Jira, and Jenkins using apps. Any imported data is stored in the System of Record.

Each integration app uses different data from the third-party service. The data page for each integration explains the data fields used, how the integration works, and any API calls that are used.

Refer to How data works with integrations for more information about data integration usage.

Integrating GitHub

Refer to GitHub integration for instructions.

Integrating CloudBees CI and Jenkins

Refer to Jenkins integration for instructions.

Integrating Jira

Refer to Jira Cloud integration and Jira Server for instructions.

Integrating with on-premise servers

You can use an NGINX gateway to integrate on-premise services with CloudBees Engineering Efficiency.

Refer to Configuring NGINX for instructions on how to configure the gateway.

Fixed IP address for API endpoint

All on-premise data integrations connect to CloudBees Software Delivery Management using the secure API endpoint. The default URL for accessing the API endpoint is

To lock outbound access to the remote API endpoint to a fixed IP address, you can use:

This fixed IP address can be added to an allowlist in an outbound firewall configuration for additional security.

To avoid connecting directly to the SDM API endpoint from your server, you can configure an NGINX gateway.