JavaScript changelog

2020-07-21: V4.9.16

  • Remove use of eval() to satisfy strict Content Security Policy (CSP)

2020-06-09: V4.9.7

  • rox-ssr: Add compatibility to server-side webpack

2020-03-10: V4.9.0

  • Upgrade to latest axios (0.19.2)

  • rox-react-native: Replace deprecated ReactNative.AsyncStorage with @react-native-community/async-storage

  • Clean-up bundles (less files are included)

2020-02-18: V4.8.10

  • Replace logger to fix issues on React Native (iOS)

2019-12-03: V4.8.6

  • Fixed potential issue when analytic server is unreachable

  • Fixed compatibility with Roxy

  • Fixed undefined error when no options passed to rox-ssr

2019-11-29: V4.8.5

  • Fixed TypeScript signatures in rox-ssr

  • Added support for es5/IE11 to rox-ssr

2019-11-22: V4.8.4

  • Adding rox-ssr SDK

2019-11-22: V4.8.3

  • Internal changes to prepare for rox-ssr

2019-09-05: V4.8.0

  • ReactNative: Adding ability to replace default storage (see AsyncStorage)

  • Browser: use the minified version in package.json

  • Improved error reporting

  • Upgraded axios version

2019-08-07: V4.7.1

  • Fixed push updates for React Native

2019-07-16: V4.7.0

  • API version 1.8.0

  • Values are base64 - fixing " and () bug

  • Changes to API calls, using Cloudfront

2019-06-06: V4.5.3

  • Remove check for signed date in signature verification

  • [Alpha] Add flag.explainLastResult to rox-browser

  • removed async func

2019-04-10: V4.5.2

  • Prevent duplicate calls to fetch configuration on Rox.setup (was caused by custom properties)

  • Removing various polyfills (including promise)

  • Make Overrides screen case insensitive

2019-01-21: V4.5.1

  • Fixed compatibility with IE (Object.assign, Array.filter)

2019-01-16: V4.5.0

  • Add an option to override the default SDK logger (see JavaScript (Browser) API - setup for documentation)

  • Analytics will use stickiness property for distinctness

2018-12-26: V4.4.0

2018-12-18: V4.3.1

  • Variants in Dynamic API is open for any value from the dashboard

  • Support for old Node version (v4.8.3)

  • Dynamic API updates dashboard on new flags

2018-12-03: V4.3.0

  • Fix for view controller when namespace doesn’t exist

  • Added Dynamic API

2018-11-12: V4.2.2

  • Security enhancement - verify the signature of local/remove feature flags configuration

  • Fixed push endpoint

2018-11-08: V4.2.1

  • fixed node js Rox.setup should resolve the promise only after configuration is fetched

2018-11-06: V4.2.0

  • Added push updates via Server-Sent Events (closed for beta customers)

2018-08-20: V4.1.4

  • Remove TTL on local storage client_data

2018-08-20: V4.1.3

  • Fixed missing dependencies on nodejs package

2018-08-20: V4.1.2

  • Shrink package size by 70%

2018-08-20: V4.1.1

  • Fixed issue with crypto on edge browser

2018-08-20: V4.1.1

  • Scheduled Released

  • Encrypted in operator - you can now use in operator and the data will be passed to the clients encrypted

  • API version 1.7.0

2018-08-09: V4.0.1

  • Adding support for old browsers (without crypto)

2018-08-06: V4.0.0

  • Impression analytics - reporting flag impression to CloudBees Feature Flags servers

  • DisableNetwork - ability to disable automatic fetching of data upon Rox.setup (for SSR)

  • Support for context (for SSR)

2018-08-02: V3.2.5

  • Adding support for SSR release (Isomorphic)

2018-07-31: V3.2.4

  • Fix in react native

2018-07-29: V3.2.0

  • Adding support to get labels in impression handler

  • Adding support for SSR release (Isomorphic)

  • Support for Roxy

2018-07-04: V3.1.3

Support for Fuse-Box

2018-06-28: V3.0.0

flag dependency support

2018-05-01: V2.2.1

  • Added support for Tizen

2018-03-12: V2.1.2

  • Internal changes for better error reporting

  • Embedded Experiments support

2018-01-03: V2.0.2

  • Internal changes to support react native release

  • Flag freeze level - allow specifying the freezing level of a flag, till this version the flag value remained consistent from the time it was evaluated till the application goes into the foreground or a unfreeze was called. Now have three different freeze level:

    • .none - The flag is constantly evaluated every time it is called

      • .untilLaunch (default) - Once the flag is evaluated its value is persistent till the app is terminated You can control the value of a specific flag via its constructor or globally by using options.defaultFreezeLevel

2017-11-19: V1.2.7

  • Security enhancement - verify app key matched configured one

  • Moving from webpack to rollup

  • Redesign to overrides API

2017-10-03: V1.2.2

  • Fix - Add cache url and cache miss url to api request

2017-10-01: V1.2.1

  • Add unfreeze API

  • Remove sync method

2017-09-26: V1.2.0

  • Support for computed custom property without context

  • Fix - long query names cause disconnection with amazon s3 objects

2017-09-07: V1.0.2

  • Split node.js from browser