Stickiness property

The Stickiness Property determines the property that is the basis for stickiness behavior for a particular experiment.

The default value for the Stickiness Property is distinct_id, which is a UUID generated by the end device, or a randomly generated number in the server side SDK. The distinct_id is stored on the local storage of the device.

The Stickiness Property is used by the system to determine what value a user should get when Splitting values, read more on Split percentage.

The Stickiness Property is changed when you want to have a consistent behavior across multiple devices.

For example, if you choose userId as the Stickiness Property, the userId has consistent behavior on all of his or her devices. Another example is using the account id as the Stickiness Property. This creates a consistent behavior for all users in the same account.

To change the default (distinct_id) Stickiness Property:

  1. Go to the CloudBees Feature Flags dashboard.

  2. Go to the relevant Environment > Experiments.

  3. Click on the experiment you wish to configure. The Experiment Details view appears.

  4. Click on the Settings tab.

  5. Click on Edit in the Stickiness Property box.

  6. In the Edit Stickiness window:

    • Click the drop down arrow to select a Stickiness Property.

    • Click the Update Property button.

If a user deletes the application, a new distinct_id is generated when a new application is created.

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