About features

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CloudBees Feature Management allows you to group flags by features, which labels and organizes flags for use by groups outside of development to refer to or manage. Developers can create labels to organize flags into larger features with distinct flag functionality for various uses, such as a product manager to control the release of new features or sales engineers to tailor custom solutions to clients with specific needs.

Features Overview

The Features Overview page lists a summary of all of the features associated with the current app.

To access the Features Overview page, select the link from the left navigation. Each feature is listed in its own box that lists the creation date, when it was last updated, and the number of flags linked to the feature.

Select Open to view the feature’s details.

Features Overview

Features Overview page

Feature details

Each feature created has an associated overview page where you can link and unlink flags, write descriptions of each feature, and delete the feature if no longer needed.

You can view the details about a feature by selecting Open on a feature’s row from the Features Overview or by selecting a feature name in blue from the Flags overview page.

Feature details page

The feature name and a description box appear at the top. On the top right, Link Flag lets you add new flags to the feature.

Any flags linked to the feature also appear on the Features Overview page, with details about creation and update dates, labels, and impressions, if any. There is also an option icon used to either Hide flag or Unlink feature.

Flags linked to a feature can also be filtered by environments and are managed by the drop-down menu above the list of flags. You can use this option to hide flags for certain environments within a feature.