CloudBees Jenkins Distribution

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RELEASED: 2019-08-28

Based on Jenkins LTS2.176.3-cb-6

Rolling release Security release

Security advisory

New features

Documentation, including quick-start instructions and known limitations, is published at Configuration as Code.

  • CLI for Pipeline Template Catalog management (NGPIPELINE-513)

    Managing catalogs and pipeline templates across a large number of Jenkins masters using the graphical user interface (GUI) is time consuming and prone to human error due to the repetitive nature of the task. A new pipeline-template-catalogs CLI command was created. This CLI command allows the administrator to automate the management of catalogs and pipeline templates across multiple Jenkins masters which reduces the amount of time required and ensures accuracy and consistency across all development teams.

  • New backup and restore guide

    A new backup and restore guide has been created, including best practices, how to restore credentials, and an explanation of the $JENKINS_HOME directory.

Resolved issues

  • Fix Pipeline Event Step plugin issues (CTR-415, CTR-513)

    Several libraries where bundled in the Pipeline Event Step plugin that should have been loaded via plugin dependencies. With this fix, the incorrectly bundled libraries have been removed from the plugin.

The Pipeline Event Step plugin version 1.4 had PCT errors because of a detached plugin. With this fix, the matrix-auth dependency was added with test scope.

  • Update CloudBees Update Center plugin’s Jsoup dependency(CTR-434

    The CloudBees Update Center plugin was using an outdated/unsupported dependency, JSoup 1.7.3., which contained a vulnerability. With this fix the CloudBees Update Center plugin was updated with JSoup 1.8.3.

  • Folder-scoped credential issue (NGPIPELINE-36)

    Shared Libraries using folder-scoped credentials failed to authenticate. With this fix, we added functionality to expose parent item scope to children, allowing shared libraries to see and use folder-scoped credentials.

  • Update Workflow Durable Task Step plugin (NGPIPELINE-582)

    If an agent being used by a Pipeline was removed (deconfigured) from Jenkins, the build would hang forever. With this fix, Pipeline builds now abort immediately if an agent they are using has been removed from Jenkins.

  • GitHub Webhook issues in BlueOcean (NGPIPELINE-551)

    GitHub Webhooks were not created after new pipeline creation in BlueOcean. This issue was specific to pipelines created using BlueOcean. With this fix, webhooks are registered with GitHub on new pipelines created in BlueOcean.

  • Issues with the Pipeline Template Catalog UI (NGPIPELINE-525)

    For users without Pipeline Template Catalog permissions, the left nav displayed only the icon for Pipeline Templates Catalog. Additionally, these same users could access an incomplete Pipeline Templates Catalog page. With this fix, we added new view-only permission, fixing the left nav and Pipeline Templates Catalog page to render data according to permissions.

  • GitHub Org Folders Discard Old Items issue (NGPIPELINE-173)

    The Discard Old Items configuration for Organization Folders was easily misunderstood by users as being about artifacts and builds. With this fix, the Discard Old Items settings for Organization Folders and Multibranch Projects now have a description explaining their use

  • Parallel step snippet generator error (NGPIPELINE-395)

    The GDSL file provided by Jenkins to support syntax highlighting in IntelliJ IDEA did not support the parallel step, and incorrectly marked some step parameter types as Map when they should have been List. The parallel step is now correctly supported, and step parameter types have been fixed where appropriate.

  • Provisioning limits issues (CTR-16, -423)

    There was confusion about applying provisioning limits to a Master when using Kubernetes Cloud. With this fix, the inline help has been updated to clarify provisioning limits behavior.

In Operations Center, when users configured Provisioning limits, the code was counting all the executors on the Jenkins instance, even the offline agents. With this fix, the code limits enforcement for nodes provisioning on the cloud by ignoring executors on offline nodes while computing the current count of executors.

  • Team folder must not include the rename option (CTR-432)

    The rename action was available for team folders, and using this option would rename the folder on the filesystem, bypassing Team functions. With this fix, the "rename" menu item is removed for team folders. Users can still change the display name of the folder using folder settings if they want to rename the team on the UI.

  • Improve processing speed of the update center (CTR-442)

    Clicking 'Check Now' in the Update Center was taking a long time to return. With this fix, we have improved the processing speed of the 'Check now' button in Update Center.

  • Update to instead of revision 2

    We recently recommended that you upgrade your environments by applying the revision 2 update. Since that time, we have discovered and fixed a bug in the Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant feature. That bug prevented you from applying the security update in the revision 2 release.

We are providing a new full release which provides the same benefits as the revision 2 update.

If you are running, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the release. This requires a full upgrade of the installed distribution instead of the incremental upgrade previously provided.

Known issues

  • Kubernetes plugin was not pre-installed for version,,,,,,, and (FNDJEN-1825)

    Kubernetes and suggested plugins are now preinstalled by default starting with version