CloudBees Jenkins Distribution

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RELEASED: 2019-10-29

Based on Jenkins LTS2.190.2-cb-5

Rolling release

Resolved issues

  • Pipelines with groovy scripts issues (CTR-712, CTR-512)

    The JSON field that is present for all inherited classes of Cause "_class" was missing on BuildTriggerCause, which was an issue when using it with groovy code in Pipelines. With this fix, the field "_class" is now present again. When creating Pipelines with groovy scripts, JSON files that contained a null attribute would cause the build to fail, and an exception was fired, "org.kohsuke.stapler.export.NotExportableException: class net.sf.json.JSONNull doesn’t have @ExportedBean". With this fix, when creating Pipelines with groovy scripts, if the JSON file has a null value, Jenkins will remove the attribute from the JSON when exporting it.

  • Fix Copy with Builds error (CTR-680)

    Maven jobs could not be moved/copied using the Move/Copy/Promote feature. With this fix, there is a new file (permalinks) inside the builds folder which is autogenerated by Jenkins core, and the Move/Copy operations are overwriting it now.

  • Operations Center Security realm issue (CTR-600)

    When the authorization strategy on Operations Center was not RBAC (Role Based Access Control), Operation Center’s SSO (single sign-on) was not functioning properly, even when the user was granted access to the master. Instead, after creating a team, users were redirected to the Team Master login page. With this fix, Operations Center correctly propagates the security realm to the master even when RBAC is not the authorization strategy.

Known issues

  • Kubernetes plugin was not pre-installed for version,,,,,,, and (FNDJEN-1825)

    Kubernetes and suggested plugins are now preinstalled by default starting with version