CloudBees Jenkins Distribution

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RELEASED: 2021-04-07

Based on Jenkins


Rolling release

New features


Feature enhancements


Resolved issues

github-branch-source plugin authentication failure (BEE-754)

github-branch-source-plugin fails to authenticate with GitHub App ID due to sleep interrupted exception.

Removed incorrect rate limit check in GitHub App Installation Token retrieval.

New clients for each backup (BEE-453)

Previously, each backup job had a long-living S3 client that was reused for all backups until either Jenkins was restarted or the job was reconfigured. However, when you used an IAM role, the resulting session’s credentials were retained indefinitely without being refreshed.

With this change, a new S3 client is created for each backup and left for garbage collection once the backup thread is complete. Therefore, each backup gets new session credentials.

Backups that involve multiple steps fail (BEE-465)

When a restricted backup that can’t be run anonymously requires multiple steps, the job fails.

This issue has been resolved. Jobs no longer fail because they contain multiple backup or restore steps.

License expiration alert displays incorrectly (BEE-469)

The alert message that warns you a license is about to expire was displaying incorrectly, with some actionable buttons disappearing from the screen.

This issue has been resolved. The full alert message is now viewable.

Known issues