CloudBees Jenkins Distribution

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RELEASED: 2021-05-05

New features


Feature enhancements


Resolved issues

Move/copy/promote log access (BEE-178)

Previously, users could access the move/copy/promote logs without the proper permissions.

This issue has been resolved. Now, only users with the privileges to trigger move/copy/promote operations can access the logs.

SNI support on ElasticSearch Reporter plugin (BEE-1630)

Before this change, HTTP communications were handled by an old version of async-http-client that didn’t support Server Name Indication (SNI).

The underlying http library has now been migrated to use okhttp, which does support SNI. This issue has been resolved.

Legacy terminology update (BEE-1606, BEE-1607, BEE-1608, BEE-1609, BEE-1612, BEE-1613, BEE-1623, BEE-1624, BEE-1625, BEE-1627, BEE-1628, BEE-2347, BEE-2393, BEE-2434)

CloudBees is updating terminology to remove offensive text. During this ongoing initiative, “controller” replaces “master,” “agent” replaces “slave,” “allowlist” replaces “whitelist,” and “denylist” replaces “blacklist.”

Known issues