CloudBees Jenkins Platform

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RELEASED: Public: 2018-03-15

Based on Jenkins LTS2.107.1-cb-3

Rolling release Security release

Security advisory

Security advisory * Security Advisory 2018-02-26

+ Fixes the security issues described in the advisory. These fixes were delivered through an incremental upgrade to customers that were using *

New features

While this change should be transparent for most users, there are two points worth noting:

  • Move/Copy/Promote operations from a master with this version to an older version master will fail, as the copied artifacts will contain XML 1.1 configuration files which cannot be be parsed by the older master. A warning will be displayed when attempting to perform a Move/Copy/Promote operation under these circumstances. Move/Copy/Promote operations from an older version to a newer one are unaffected.

  • Downgrading to a previous version is generally discouraged, and will fail with numerous XML parsing exceptions when downgrading to a version older than this one, due to the configuration files having a declaration tag specifying that they are XML 1.1. If a downgrade must be performed, it will be necessary to perform a global find/replace operation on all XML files.

  • Added blueocean-core-js version 1.4.2

  • Added jenkins-design-language version 1.4.2

Resolved issues


Known issues