CloudBees Jenkins Platform features

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CloudBees Jenkins Platform is the legacy CloudBees continuous software delivery system.

The following section describes the features and services available in CloudBees Jenkins Platform.

To purchase additional features or services, contact your account manager, Customer Success Manager, or CloudBees Sales.


Controller and agent scaling

FeatureCloudBees Jenkins Platform

client controllers

managed controllers

Cluster operations

Shared configuration settings

Groovy console

Plugin catalog

operations center

Optimized utilization

FeatureCloudBees Jenkins Platform

Fast Archiver

Backup and Restore

Build Agent sharing

Label throttling

Elasticsearch Reporter

Team management

FeatureCloudBees Jenkins Platform

CloudBees Folders Plus plugin



FeatureCloudBees Jenkins Platform

Role-based access control

Role-based access control Auto Configurer


Authentication integration for LDAP, AD, SAML SSO, OpenId Connect SSO, GitHub login and Google

Internal credentials management

CyberArk credentials management


FeatureCloudBees Jenkins Platform

Trigger restrictions

Templates/custom marker files

Templates plugin

Technical support

FeatureCloudBees Jenkins Platform

Rock-solid CloudBees Jenkins distribution

CloudBees-certified plugins

24x7 expert support

Assisted updates

Jenkins Health Advisor

CD Acceleration Program

Community forums

Documentation and knowledge base

Free online Jenkins training

Installation and update support

FeatureCloudBees Jenkins Platform

Proactive security notifications

Monthly rolling releases

Run locally or in the cloud