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In many DevOps environments, CI/CD pipelines are completely automated. For example, a new commit triggers the CI server to pull the latest code and run tests. After a successful testing result, CloudBees Release Orchestration SaaS triggers the CD process to deploy your application. You can add a manual approval step before deployment or before executing a new step.

The approval step enables you to pause the pipeline execution. A configured approver, such as a team lead, responds to the request for approval. With an approval, the pipeline can continue to execute.

Adding an approval step

You can pause a pipeline execution to wait for a manual approval or intervention before proceeding to the next step. The approver can approve or reject further pipeline execution.

To add an approval step:

  1. From the CloudBees Release Orchestration SaaS Home page, select Orchestration  Pipeline composer.

  2. Select an existing pipeline, or create a new pipeline. Refer to Working with pipelines for more information.

  3. Select Approval from the icon options, which adds it to your pipeline.

  4. On the right pane:

    1. Select Approvers from the options.

    2. Select Notify the approvers, and select the mode(s).

    Figure 1. Two email approvers for a pipeline
    1. If Slack mode is selected, enter the Slack EndPoint and Slack Channels.

  5. Select SAVE (for a new pipeline) or Update (for an existing pipeline).

You have added an approval step to your pipeline.

To update an approval step, refer to Working with pipelines.