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Jenkins Dashboard allows users to understand the performance of a project development in a given timeline. This dashboard gives various perspectives of the projects like the overall execution data, total number of runs, jobs configured and many more. Following are the information available on the dashboard.


Heatmap gives the overall execution information for all the configured jenkins.The Dashboard is calculated based on the total number of runs executed during the time. By default it is 7 days but it can be changed.You can sort this Dashboard by Name, Failure Rate and No.of Projects and Last Active. Usually, the default sort is set to no.of projects.

Project types widget

This screen gives all the different types of Jenkins Jobs configured in the Jenkins.

Activity chart

Activity chart gives the overall Run information of the Jenkins during the specified duration.The runs which failed are highlighted in red and those successful are highlighted in green.

Project activity

Information about each Jenkins job like Last Active, Type, Total Executed, Passes, Failed and Average Run time is shown in this chart. CloudBees Release Orchestration SaaS icon will be displayed to show that this Job has already been used in the CloudBees Release Orchestration SaaS Pipeline.

On clicking each job it will show the Run information for that Job.