Pipeline approval

1 minute read

In most of the DevOps environment, CI/CD pipelines are completely automated. So, whenever there is a new commit, the configured repository pushes the commit and triggers the CI (Continuous Integration) server to pull the latest code and run the tests. After the tests are successful, the platform triggers your CD (Continuous Deployment) process to deploy your application. The CloudBees Release Orchestration SaaS platform allows teams to add a manual approval step before deployment or executing a new step. The configured approvers (usually a Team Lead or one responsible for the deployments) carry out the approval step.

The approval step enables you to pause the pipeline execution and makes it wait for manual approval or intervention before proceeding to the next step. The approver can approve or reject the further pipeline execution.

Approval step configuration

  • Drag and drop your Approval step to define a manual step to act as an approver, and define the Approval configuration

  • Approvers: Select the Approvers names (valid Email IDs) from the drop down. When you select an approver, a notification is sent to the selected approver in an Email, to approve or reject the step.

  • Notify the approvers: Enable the check box to notify the user to approve or reject

    • Mode: Select the mode of notification

      • Email ID: Select the mail ID of any specific user from the drop down to send the notification.

      • Slack: When you want to get notification on the Slack tool, you can select Slack → Slack endpoint and Slack Channel.