Test insights - summary

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The individual test suites you have run for a pipeline in a particular environment are displayed in Test Insights. You can perform endurance testing or load testing to determine if the software crashes under stress, and you can measure the efficiency of a test run for a commit.

This section describes the summary layout of Test Insights.

You must have the Admin, Developer, QA, or Manager role to access Test Insights.

Accessing the test insights summary layout

To access the summary layout:

  1. From the CloudBees Release Orchestration SaaS Home page, select Test Insights  Summary.

  2. Select the Group, Pipeline, Environment, or Duration you want to filter by.

  3. Select a test suite name on the left pane to display the pipeline run history, including the:

    • Test suite name

    • Test suite start date and time

    • Environment name

    • Run time

    • Total number of test suites

    • Number of successful test suites

    • Number of failing test suites

  4. If a test has failed, select the name of the failed test to open a link to the log page.


Your test insights are displayed in a heatmap layout.