CloudBees SDM feature definition

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CloudBee SDM (software delivery management) connects the software development lifecycle with the teams, tools, and practices across the organization, enabling the visibility and collaboration to orchestrate feature idea to adoption, resulting in software delivery as a core business process.

This page describes the features and services in each version of CloudBees SDM.

Preview program

CloudBees SDM is available as a preview through a preview program. While preview members have early access, this software is not production-ready. There will be known and unknown issues.

This preview uses the standard CloudBees subscription agreement, especially Section 15, covering evaluations, and Sections 8 and 9, covering non-disclosure.


Read the press release announcing the CloudBees SDM modules.

To sign up for the preview program, visit or contact your Customer Success Manager or CloudBees Sales.


Learn more about features available in Feature Management and Engineering Efficiency.