Identity and access management

CloudBees SDM is a preview, with early access for select preview members. Product features and documentation are frequently updated. If you find an issue or have a suggestion, please contact CloudBees Support. Learn more about the preview program.

CloudBees SDM uses a centralized identity and access management. Each user has a user profile which belongs to one or more organization profiles.

User profiles and organization profiles

An organization profile is an entity with a body of people in a business. Members of an organization profile have access to a set of entitlements, which are associated with CloudBees product subscriptions, trials, and preview programs.


Roles define the permissions a user profile has and thus which features and activities they can perform. There are two roles used in profiles: users and administrators.

  • Users are able to view most data, but may not be able to modify or create policies or add apps.

  • Administrators have elevated privileges to create, modify, or remove products, policies, integrations, and user profiles.

For more information on role-based access control (RBAC), refer to the Basic RBAC section.