Planning for CloudBees SDM

CloudBees SDM is a preview, with early access for select preview members. Product features and documentation are frequently updated. If you find an issue or have a suggestion, please contact CloudBees Support. Learn more about the preview program.

CloudBees SDM provides a holistic view of data related to software delivery management by associating builds, pull requests, Jenkins pipeline issues, and other data. This planning section provides guidance on the requirements for using CloudBees SDM. It also describes how CloudBees SDM handles data and shares components.

Here are some things to consider when planning to use CloudBees SDM:

Preview program and support

CloudBees SDM is a preview, which means it is not ready for a production setting. However, you can still benefit from the features and have input on how it is developed.

View these pages for details about this product’s preview program and support:

What features can help you?

Learn more about key features in CloudBees SDM:

Feature Benefits


Enable data ingestion into system of record

App integrations

Installable list of apps that ingest data into SDM implementing and/or extending data model or that bundle platform and new functionality into solutions.

Query and report engine

Internally available query API that can be used to create out of the box reports and provides users with the ability to create simple tabular reports from the data available in the SDM solution.

Policy engine

Rules and actions engine that can be used to create policies associated to organization entities and automatically executed, evaluating some query based rules and taking the corresponding actions when needed

App platform

Extensibility framework allowing to enrich the platform capabilities by integrating additional tools and services, enriching the query and reporting engine and the policy engine with new queryable data, new policy actions and new events

Shared components

CloudBees SDM shares some components with DevOptics. Refer to How DevOptics handles data security for more information about security and data policies used in this product.

Security processes in CloudBees SDM

CloudBees SDM uses security testing and processes for data management. Refer to Security processes and secure data management for details.