How data works with integrations

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CloudBees SDM can integrate with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Jira Cloud, Jira Server, Jenkins, and CloudBees DevOptics at this time using app integrations and plugins. Each plugin and integration collects different data. Data from a GitHub integration, for example, helps highlight repository health and pull requests for products.

Data from apps is stored in the System of Record and usually becomes inactive once a data integration is uninstalled. The application framework architecture section explains how data from apps is used and fits together with overall CloudBees SDM system architecture.

The Managing integrations section contains specifics about how each integration works with the System of Record.

Data integration details

For information about the DevOptics and Jenkins data, refer to the DevOptics security guide, How DevOptics handles data security.

Detailed information on the data types, API calls, permissions, and other data is available for: