Modeling work with products

CloudBees SDM is a preview, with early access for select preview members. Product features and documentation are frequently updated. If you find an issue or have a suggestion, please contact CloudBees Support. Learn more about the preview program.

Products help you conceptualize offerings into segments that represent work to be completed. The products correspond to your team’s or company’s work. For example, a single product could model a software deliverable, an open-source offering, APIs, versioned software, documentation, or graphic designs.

A product provides a way to organize the work involved and represent the current status of that work.

Products use data from integration apps with third-party services like GitHub, Jira, and Jenkins. Refer to Managing integrations for details.

The number of products you create in CloudBees SDM should mirror the organization of work that needs to be tracked. Let’s say that your team works on three offerings: Solution One, Solution Two, and Solution Three. You would create a product for each solution and then associate data sources like repositories for those defined products.

Only CloudBees SDM administrators can create policies.

Associating data sources with products

As you integrate services like GitHub and Jenkins using apps, {PRODUCT-HUB} provides a consolidated view of repositories, builds, and pull requests associated with each product. The more services that are integrated, the more complete a picture of the software delivery you can create.

Some product screens, such as Repositories and Overview, provide status labels or icons color coded according to the status severity:

  • Red indicates an issue that needs immediate attention to deal with something potentially blocking work.

  • Yellow should be investigated soon and could potentially block work.

  • Green notifies you that an action needs to be taken, but nothing is blocked.

Status labels are applied when a policy’s criteria matches. For more information on policies, refer to policies. Only CloudBees SDM administrators can create, modify, apply, and delete policies.