Associating Jenkins jobs

You can link pipelines and jobs to a product by adding one or more Jenkins jobs to a product. Linking the Jenkins jobs to the products surfaces Jenkins pipeline and job information in CloudBees SDM. This added information helps you highlight workflow blockages and issues.

Once pipelines and jobs are associated with a product, they are listed on the product’s Jobs screen. This screen lists all pipelines and jobs associated with a product and lets you unlink or add additional ones.

Issues are highlighted in the Status column:

  • A red exclamation point indicates an issue needs to be addressed and

  • A green check indicates everything is okay.

Linking pipelines and jobs with products

Linking Jenkins jobs and pipelines allows you to add build and job information to products. Selecting a Jenkins job links the job and any pipelines with the chosen product. Jenkins masters need to be connected before you can link jobs and pipelines to products.

Each job can be linked to one or more products.

To link pipelines:

  1. From Products, select a product.

  2. Select Jobs.

    • If this is the first time you are linking a pipeline, select Link your first job.

    • Otherwise, select Link jobs.

  3. Select one or more check boxes to associate those jobs with the product. Select Save changes.

Unlinking pipelines and jobs

Unlinking a pipeline or job from a product disassociates that data from the product. The pipeline and job data remain available in CloudBees SDM.

To unlink one or more pipelines or jobs from a product:

  1. From the Products, select the product, and then select Jobs.

  2. Select the check box next to each pipeline that you want to remove.

  3. Select Unlink selected pipeline.