Setting up CloudBees SDM

CloudBees SDM is a preview, with early access for select preview members. Product features and documentation are frequently updated. If you find an issue or have a suggestion, please contact CloudBees Support. Learn more about the preview program.

CloudBees SDM provides a comprehensive view created of your software delivery process by associating builds, pull requests, Jenkins pipeline issues, and other data together with products.

In software delivery management, a product is any organized work effort that addresses a market need, either internal or external, and delivers an intentional user outcome. You can use products in CloudBees SDM to model the work your organization delivers.

The CloudBees SDM content page provides details about supported platforms and services as well as the preview.

Integrating data from third parties

Linking your data and resources from software delivery systems such as Jenkins, GitHub, and Jira, can help you understand the work involved and the current status of that work. With an active GitHub integration, for example, you can associate repositories and pull request statuses with a product. You can use a policy to add a status label to highlight when there is a work stoppage.

You can integrate with SaaS services and with some on-premise services like Jira Server using an NGINX gateway.