CloudBees Jenkins Platform

RELEASED: Public: 2019-02-19

Based on Jenkins LTS2.150.3-cb-1

Rolling release

Known issues

  • Release Notes

    Upgraded Pipeline Supporting APIs Plugin from 2.24 to 3.0

    This update is incompatible with the serialized format of Pipeline builds. This affects any Pipelines that are running when the upgrade is applied and Jenkins is restarted: Pipelines that are running when Jenkins is restarted to apply this upgrade will fail after the restart. To avoid this issue, please stop all running Pipelines or wait for them to complete before applying this upgrade and restarting Jenkins.
  • Pipeline stages, parallels, and step incorrectly marked unstable

    When there is a build with an unstable stage, parallel, or step, all the stages, parallels, and steps are incorrectly marked as unstable instead of just the unstable one that caused the Pipeline to be unstable. This is a known issue in the pipeline-graph-analysis plugin.

1.9.0 to 1.10.2

8.13 to 8.15

Resolved issues


Known issues