Jenkins OSS LTS 2.60.3-cb-1

RELEASED: Public: 2017-08-07

New features

  • JENKINS-45256

    The reload-configuration CLI command now waits until the reload is finished, and returns an error code if the reload failed.

  • JENKINS-44103

    Remove the "JNLP" protocol references from the TCP Agent Listener log messages.

Resolved issues

  • JENKINS-14807

    Contributions to the PATH environment variable could result in malformed values on agents on a platform different from master’s.

  • JENKINS-43496

    Robustness improvements related to agent connections.

  • JENKINS-45679

    JNLP for launching agents now requests Java 8.

  • JENKINS-34914

    Prevent NullPointerException in Jenkins#getRootURL() while the instance is not fully loaded yet.

Known issues