CloudBees DevOptics Plugin 1.1905

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RELEASED: Public: 2019-06-16

New features

  • XSDM-592

    The minimum supported Jenkins version is increased to 2.164.3 (from 2.138.4). To install this release of the DevOptics plugin, you must upgrade your Jenkins to version 2.164.3 or higher.

  • XSDM-685

    Additional data on Jobs is now collected to support CloudBees Software Delivery Management. The plugin now records additional SCM information relating to Jobs, for example, the repository URL, name, and organization. For full details of the data that is collected, please refer to the plugin documentation

Resolved issues

  • SECO-250

    Fixed a bug where the log can fill up with messages about malformed event records, for example: uploadEvents INFO: Skipping malformed event record

    The plugin now recovers from the malformed event record error and does not fill up the log.

Known issues