CloudBees CI

In CloudBees CD, a property is a pair associated with CloudBees CD objects to provide additional information beyond what is already built into the system. Built-in data is accessible through the property mechanism also. Two types of properties: intrinsic and custom. CloudBees CD provides intrinsic properties and allows you to create custom properties. Intrinsic properties are case-sensitive. Custom properties, like all other object names in the CloudBees CD system, are case-preserving, but not case-sensitive. * Intrinsic properties: These properties represent attributes that describe the object to which they are attached, and are automatically added by CloudBees CD for each similar type object. For example, every project has a description property that can be referenced with a non-local property path such as /projects/Examples/description. * Custom properties: Custom properties are identical to intrinsic properties and when placed on the same object, are referenced in the same manner, and behave in every way like an intrinsic object-level property with one exception: they are not created automatically when the object is created. Instead, custom properties can be added to objects already in the database before a job is started, or created dynamically by procedure steps during step execution.