Online Training and Jenkins Certification FAQ

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  • How do I access the CloudBees online training courses?

  • Which online courses are available?

  • Where can I find information on the CloudBees Jenkins Certification exam?

  • How can I prepare for my Jenkins Certification exam?


Online trainings are free to access for current CloudBees subscribers. They are also available to purchase if you are not a current CloudBees customer at the price of $300 per course. We currently offer four self-paced online courses:

  1. Jenkins Certification (CJE and CCJPE)

  2. CJP User

  3. CJP Admin

  4. Fundamentals of Pipeline and Docker

However, please note that the "Fundamentals of Pipeline and Docker" Training is currently under revision and will be updated as soon as it is completed.

​In order to access the CloudBees Certification Exam documentation, navigate to You will find a brief overview of the two certifications offered, CJE and CCJPE, plus a FAQ section. Downloadable study guides are also available on the webpage.

Additionally, non-CloudBees customers may sign up at and click on "Training" to access limited free content relating to the Certification Exams. Here, you’ll see a list of Categories on the left panel. If you click on "Certification" you will see three documents plus the online self-paced Certification course (the Certification course is only free for CloudBees subscribers).

Content available at no cost from above:
  1. Certification - List of Prometric Test Locations

  2. Certification Exam - Registration Guide

    • Step-by-step procedure to book an online time slot at one of Prometric test locations.

  3. Certification Guide

    • General guidance and advice to prepare for the Certification exam.

If you have any additional questions or further inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Training team at and we will be happy to assist.